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Dedicated warehouses

The warehouses privately delivered to good owners in variety of spaces and services and are owner of EPL Code from Warehouse Organization.

Safe environment

Shishegar Group have warehouses that are fully equipped with advanced firefighting sites, advanced cameras, security systems with ability of license plate recognition and face recognition and also are equipped with anti-theft and round the clock guarding systems which access remote control and support.

Appropriate cost

Undoubtedly, the most important parameters in warehouse costs are location and proximity to Tehran Grand bazaar and freightages and also accessibility to highways and being out of the traffic range and air pollution plans.

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In spite of most traditional warehouses, the shishegar warehouse collection is managed by logistics software. In all c warehouses, displacement is carried out by hardware systems and equipment and related machinery such as cranes, forklifts and sometimes conveyor belts. The shishegar warehouse collection is now equipped with a fire and telecommunications station, license plate recognition and face recognition cameras and results of this investment are technological system, database, goods inventory control and having security.Finally, it is worthy to say that the management of the shishegar warehouse collection has drawn and adjusted the horizon of progress in the warehousing to provide better and more productive service to the owners and has made enormous strides towards the advanced and modern warehousing industry.


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