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What is a commercial warehouse?

A commercial warehouse is a building or a business premise that utilizes a correct system for classification, regulation and maintenance of one or more types of commercial goods. Shishegar warehouses are equipped in three types as follow: covered warehouses, indoor warehouses and hangar warehouses.

Some specifications of the Shishegar warehouse collection are as follow:

1- Locating in the business location of the city center

2. Easy access to all highways

3. Providing facilities for entry and exit of interurban transports

4- Having sufficient facilities to maintain the goods and prevent them from being damaged or stolen

5- Having efficient and experienced personnel in warehousing

6- Providing telecommunication equipment for convenience and comfort of customers

7- Having capacity for 20, 40 and 40 HQ containers

8- Having warehouses according to customer's request

9- Having Warehousemen familiar with the principles of documentary and warehouse safety

10 - Equipped with standard EUR-pallet, hygienic pallets and deckpad shelving


The principled and managerial attitude in shishegar warehouses is as follows:

1- Reducing good owners costs

2 - Planning and controlling based on warehousing principles

3- Complete supervision on warehousing process, including delivery, maintenance and clearance.

4- Implementation the guidelines of inspection and revision for warehousing affairs

5 - Manage and monitor the quality of personnel performance

6 - Establish customer focused relationships with goods owners

7- Improving the customer service quality

8- Establishment of a national advertising network in all ports

9 – Giving priority to whether public or private customer demands